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Massage Therapy

The multipart of neuromuscular, structural and referred pain pattern in the human body is always interrelated and complex. At A&M Chiropractic, LLC we recognize the importance of addressing all of these possible relationships. Licensed massage therapist (LMT) or clinical massage practitioner will work very closely with your doctor in order to manage and care for your specific needs.

Therapeutic massage sessions are primarily setup to complement chiropractic care offered in our office however you are welcomed to schedule a relaxation (Swedish massage) session at any time.

To schedule an appointment or to check for convenient availability please contact our front desk at (860) 398-5420. Please ask for Lucy�s availability.

Thank You.

30 minutes - $35
60 minutes - $60
90 minutes - $90

Take 10% off all pre-paid packages of 4 (or more) sessions
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